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SMRPG Waltz of the Forest SMRPG Waltz of the Forest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well Done!

You've once again have amazed again Kirb. I was always hoping for some kind of re-rendering of the first one, and to my surprise here it is. I really like the electroplankton reference in this one. Now that you've done remade this, how about you try your hand at the TTA series again, that would be something interesting to say the least, since after all your skills have improved greatly since then.
Besides that, great job on another well done flash!

Thwomps: The Movie Thwomps: The Movie

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I can't stay away from this movie

This Movie by far is the best one ive seen on NG. Im willing to say no matter what happens no one can top this flash movie. Plz make more dood i know u have enough ideas to make one more kick ass Thwomps episode or movie your pick.

P.S. I like the part with Hitler Pokey LOL LMAO

Mario RPG: Rawest Forest Mario RPG: Rawest Forest

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Here are the lyrics to this song

Goomba: Hey, have you heard about that Mario guy?
Koopa: Him? You mean?
Goomba: Yea, the one with the mushrooms.
Koopa; Yea!
Goomba: You know. The one jumping around the forest
Koopa:Yea, yea! I know him I know him
Gommba:Yes? Okay. Hey! Check it out.

Super Mario RPG
It's the only one just for me
When I play this game, i got lost in a phase
Then I found I'm stuck in Geno's Maze

Mario: Gimme Frog Coins!
Bowser: Gimme Mario!
Mario: Gimme Frog Coins!
Bowser: Gimme Mallow!
Mario: Gimme See Ya!
Bowser: Gimme Geno!
Mario: Gimme Cookies!

Magikoopa: Of course, we will get you that Mario

Bowser: We need to mute that stupid voice
Mario: I need to get those damn frog coins

There are many secrets in this game!
Many of which drive some peeps insane!
Why we try to cheat in a really good game?
Just sounds like crap and it makes you look lame!

Exiting the forest is super simple:
All you do is follow these path turns
For the rest of your gaming life

Speaker: Gimme Star Eye, gimme Cookies, gimme See Ya,
gimme Great Guy's Casino gimme everything i need

Mario: Wait, wait, wait, who are you?

Exor: Hahahahaha.

Exor's Verse:
My name is Exor, I'm the rappers angel
Travelling Blade with the Axem Rangers
Why should lamers like Mario with his Party of
A bunch of retarded Joes
Fix a Star Road, I don't think so
(Geno: Geno Whirl!) I don't blink slow (Geno: Let's do this!)
Cause every time I drive and rhyme a rhyme I damage my right eye more than nine times ninety nine

Mario's Verse:
Lately's been a boredom and lack of interest
Little cats call us fags and incestous
Italian guy, my master plan and blaster plants
rescue the castle princesses
Koopas and Gombas, them I just laugh at
I'ma hit "A" to raise the level of attacks
Don't fight the poverty, but hey! Kids that are lonely can
drop it and play my game to get their bodies to act glad

Dialogue 1:
Speaker: Gimme
Croco: My name is Croco
Speaker: Gimme, gimme
Croco: Wallet
Speaker: Gimme
Croco: Wallet
Speaker: Gimme, gimme
Croco: In the end of the game
Speaker: Gimme
Croco: Items
Speaker: Gimme, gimme
Croco: Something rare

Dialogue 2:
Great Guy: Oh, hello!
Mario: Oh, it's a little creepy up here
Great Guy: Yea, it is
Mario: I'm a little low on hit points
Great Guy: Okay?
Mario: You have any refreshments?
Great Guy: Yea, you can take this mushroom

Princess Toadstools Verse:
I am just a princess, please help me!
Booster is scary.
I've heard rumours he's taking me to Marrymore
but I don't wanna marry more I wanna marry Mario

Mario: Gimme Frog Coins!
Bowser: Gimme Mario!
Mario: Gimme Frog Coins!
Bowser: Gimme Mallow!
Mario: Gimme SeeYa!
Bowser: Gimme Geno!

Princess Toadstool: Gimme my frying pan and parasol

There are many secrets in this game!
Many of which drive some peeps insane!
Why we try to cheat in a really good game?
Just sounds like crap and it makes you look lame!

Exiting the forest is super simple:
All you do is follow these path turns
For the rest of your gaming life

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CastleVania Xtreme CastleVania Xtreme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome! Another old-school goodie.

A very well thought out game. Very percise and accurate. Most bosses had the same pattern as they do in the original game. Something I could play for a long period of time.'s the part of my review that might disapoint u the game overall was not hard at all, but I have another thing to say the easy mode is too easy and as well......kind of made me not want to play it anymore.

To beat games like this u have to be reslient, must have A LOT of patience, and wits. That's what u need in order to even have a hope in beating tough games or in this case "Xtreme" games.

Well, like I've said before very good game and I look foward to ur next game in near future (or far) who knows its ur choice.

TheDon2000 responds:

Heheheh... You are a TRUE old school gamer my friend! :)
If you go thru the reviews here, you will find many complaints on this game being too hard! :)
I found it easy myself... specially Eruga... he is silly easy! :P

But thank you for an insightful review, hopefully I will make a game soon.
(Working on a LBP CV remake right now... kinda stuck! :( )


Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellent game but not too hard

Im not going to be an ass hole like Dataslayer which i think he wrote a review just to LIE. The game is great but theres some problems u need to fix. 1st make when u get a perfect the arrow has to be right on the money not like half arrow count as perfect.2nd needs more songs. you had nice songs already but just 2-4 more songs should of done it. and well a little smoother gameplay be nice just get rid of the lag. other than that ill give a 10/10 and 5/5 good work on the game tho.

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DrRobot responds:

THANK YOU, finally someone who isn't a total cock.

Thanks for the review.

The Walls - Part One The Walls - Part One

Rated 4 / 5 stars

very strange.......................... =|

I have to say it or im gonna kill myself. Just to tell u right now im not being rude or anything but, i have to get this rude comment out of the way. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SMOKING DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! Now that's out of the way. Your flash game is very strange, I mean dude this stuff is experimental to you huh? Anyways keep up the experiments and ill try each one of them. Here are my votes for u 8/10 and 4/5 that's a really good score for most people anyways. CYA XD

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Searching... ~P~ Searching... ~P~

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Reminds me of Moonsong from Cave Story

The tone truly speaks the story your friend created, I'm sure your friend was happy to have a song like this on their project.
It's very well done and reminds of Cave Story and nice 2-D scrolling game, you should find and play it. It's free on the pc or you could cough up $10 on the Wii or DSi shops. Great job and keep it going.

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8-bit Consumed by Rage 8-bit Consumed by Rage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

All 4 Boss Battles in one!

This song indeed does portarys a tale which makes the past struggles seem like child's play....
It seems like the brave hero is faced with his greatest challenge...his 3 arch foes and his "equivilent"...his rival.
His outlook seems bleak as he's being pulverised by his opponents. Throughout the desperate struggle, he gathers his energy for one final offensive to rid this world of it's evil, it's tyrants, and his once good friend long ago....As the battle is reaching it's end and all thats now it's the rematch of all time..."the hero and the rival" His every fiber of his very being is put to the test in his final effort to best his rival...his once good friend.... As the battle is raging on, the intensity of this clash could be felt all around the world, shaking the planet to it's very core. As the world watches in excitment and terror, as their hero and his rival rush at each other for one final flurry of attacks and as they collide they create a blinding light of catacylsmic proportions, that showers the world leaving a desperate feeling as the outcome is unknown....for now...

Now on to my review...
This song really captures the past songs and blends them into a seemless smyphony. As you can see from my little interp there, this song really portarys a story which is much more than what i wrote. This is truly amazing!
Great Job!! Keep up the good work!

Breaking The Habit Robo Mix Breaking The Habit Robo Mix

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

not a hard thing for anyone to remix in this style

Its so disapionting that you have FL 9 and all you do is mess with the EQ to make it sound like a cheap radio, added some distortion,then messed with the flanger to maybe 0.2Hz with a 7.0Hz frequency.....i heard your catalyst remix then i thought you had potential to do many more great remixes,but this sudden drop in quality of your work many seem replusive to some but, to me it seems like lazyness and no motivation at all.
I know my words may be harsh but, such drop in quality is something you should be critized for. Heed my advice of you are to make a new remix of this song:
1) don't use the song in it's full length without some kind of major remodel to it (if anybody could copy your work, it means you did try hard enough)
2) simple EQ, flanger, and distortion changes may work but in small amounts (not in large amounts, for it may cause unpleasant sensations for many people)
3) a remix should be unique and hard to copy (meaning no can just get what program you are using and copy your work and post it as their own, just causes too much drama...)
4) Most importantly, it must be catchy for everyone to like it, i know this style sure isn't my cup of tea, but i must give you credit for trying to do something most people don't realize how fun it is to make or remox music)
6) Have fun, if you are having fun while your making it, chances are the public will also see your talent and tell you so.
7) just for fun you probably didn't notice i skipped #5
8) chances are that you just checked and you probably laughing or irritated lol
Well i just hope this slaped some sense in to you and will do better in the future, ill keep an eye out for ya, intil next time dood!